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How cool is that?

September 20th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Kudos to Dan Ciruli (our Director of Products, and also Product Manager for the Digipede Network, and also Bug Hunter, Documentation Czar, Demo Application Coder, Stand-in Sales Engineer, frequent Webcast Demo Guy and probably half a dozen other things I’m leaving out).  He’s been working late into the night on the release of Version 1.3 of the Digipede Network (as has everyone at Digipede with the possible exception of me).  And then he got sick (he’s got some moderately nasty cold he picked up from travel and late nights).  And now he’s got to sort out what might have to go into a 1.3.1, what can wait for 1.4, what’s 2.0 going to look like…  Basically, he’s pegged.

But while he’s pegged, and sick, he still just can’t stand it — he’s got to think of yet another way to show the world how insanely great the Digipede Network is.  So he’s crashed on his couch at home trying to kill this damn cold, and instead of (while?) watching poker reruns, he’s figuring out how to capture video of our Mandelbrot demonstration so that he can post it on YouTube and link it to his blog.  Basically, the demo is a drag race between a single machine and a testbed of five machines running the Digipede Network.  That demo is now accessible to anyone who has a minute and nine seconds to spare (go ahead, you’ve got 1:09 to spare — go look).

How cool is that?

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  • 1 Dan Ciruli // Sep 20, 2006 at 3:45 pm

    Poker reruns? Hah! I beg to differ:

    The 2006 Main Event is being televised this week!

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